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At work, I'm working on frontends, focusing on using the latest web technologies to improve accesibility and performance, and leading design system maitenance from the engineering side.

Out of work, I've been trying to do more photography, and getting back into reading. Most of my photography continues to be nature/cityscape, and I'm mostly reading fiction, especially fantasy with some sci fi sprinkled in.

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Skin On Skin by jasmine.4.t

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  1. HOLYCHILD (49 times)

  2. Charly Bliss (45 times)

  3. Kaitlin Butts (31 times)

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  1. Starburned and Unkissed by Caroline Polachek (4 times)

  2. Tell 'Em by Sleigh Bells (4 times)

  3. Money All Around by HOLYCHILD (3 times)


I try to always have some kind of camera with me, ideally not a phone. Sometimes I edit them and post them to my photoblog. Here are some of the most recent ones!