chris b

- frontend developer
- photographer

loves html and css. javascript can good too sometimes

About me

Hey, I’m Chris! Right now, I’m a senior frontend developer. Outside of work, you can find me walking around Brooklyn, listening to music, sometimes with a camera. Otherwise, I’m probably messing around with some personal project.

At work, my passions are promoting accesibility for all, and working with designers to make it easier for everyone to make a product look cohesive, beautiful, and accessible. I’ve promoted and maintained design systems on the code side, making sure that developers have easy access to useful components.

I love making simple, beautiful websites and components, and occasionally building useful CI and devops tools to help developers (and myself) achieve that goal.

Things I’ve done

  • I maintain a npm library called lastfm-njs

  • I rewrote this site to minimize javascript and learn web components. You can see the source here

  • I made my own personal graphql api. You can play with it at

  • I’ve written a small python app to show an rss folder on a small Raspberry Pi Zero display. The code is here

  • I wrote a different python app to show quotes from a book on a Raspberry Pi, and then refactored it into an API so I could build it into a website! The site is here, and the python code for the pi is here, while the site (and API) are both served from an Astro site with code here

  • And so many other things over the years! A lot of my favorite projects have focused on music and my listening habits; I’m always looking for ways to discover new music.


  • Most of my personal project code is hosted at

  • You can see my photography at And you can search for `` on Mastodon or any other fediverse app to follow it there!

  • My social account is at, you can follow me on Mastodon or any other compatible apps

  • Visit my /now page to see what I’ve been up to recently!

Some subdomains